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Ruang Baru Imajinasi

ImersifA is a new educational attraction by Indonesia National Museum. ImersifA utilizes video mapping to project videos of Indonesia's journey from one era to another. It is made through a collaboration between the government, creative and academic sectors. Sadiah Boonstra of CultureLab Consultancy is honored to be a part of the project to provide an English voice-over.

The immersive experience lasted for 30 minutes with 360-degree visuals projected by 20 projectors. The videos featured stories from the museum-owned collections. Starting from the prehistoric era, Dutch and Japanese occupation, mythology, indigenous people, and the future of Indonesia.

Publication of ImersifA by Indonesia National Museum


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Photos from ImersifA: Ruang Baru Imajinasi with Sadiah Boonstra as English voice-over

Indonesia National Museum

Opens 31 March 2022

Photo and video © Nabila Giovanna W

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