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Located in the newly-opened SPAC8 at ASHTA District 8, SCBD, Jakarta, Tilem. Disruptive Liminalities is Zico Albaiquni’s first solo show in Jakarta. Tilem. Disruptive Liminalities explores the relations between coloniality and Indonesian art history through vibrant, almost neon-colored artworks. Presenting how coloniality, the ongoing structures of colonialism, still operates today while referencing Jeprut, a local art movement from Bandung.


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Photos from the exhibition Tilem. Disruptive Liminalities. A solo-show by Zico Albaiquni curated by Sadiah Boonstra for Yavuz Gallery at SPAC8, ASHTA District 8, Jakarta, Indonesia

30 March - 15 May 2022

Photo © Sukiato Khurniawan and Nabila Giovanna W

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