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Constellation of Beings

Sinta Tantra's Solo Exhibition


On The Nature of Botanical Gardens© Maarten Nauw/Framer Framed

Dr. Sadiah Boonstra is a historian and curator with a broad cultural practice. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, she is currently an independent curator and appointed Honorary Fellow at Melbourne University.


Research-informed and audience-oriented, she combines her academic expertise with experience in curation, producing, and public engagement programs. From her 15 years of experience, she has worked with artists, governments, and cultural organizations in Indonesia, Australia, and the Netherlands.


In 2020, she founded PT Culture Lab Consultancy as the foundation of her works. Through PT Culture Lab Consultancy, Sadiah offers the service of concept development, research, training, and talks on the legacies of cultural history, heritage, and the performing arts of colonial and contemporary Indonesia.


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